How it works

Connector API getting started guide

Connect with us and get access to hundreds of smart devices. We have long experience building smart home solutions and we love APIs. Our Connector API lets you access multiple devices in the same way regardless of differences in their make, functionality or ways to access them. Think of it as a Universal remote control E.g. via our API you can set temperature settings up or down of a thermostat in one easy way regardless of whether it is a Honeywell, Ecobee or a Nest thermostat. You just make a set temperature call to our API and we manage the complexities of each thermostat behind the scenes.

What devices are currently supported by our API ?

We currently support Honeywell, Ecobee, Nest, Insteon and any thermostats that are supported by Wink and Smartthings. We are also currently adding support for other devices like lights, dimmers and household appliances. Please check back for updates as we continue to add support of new devices regularly.

What can I do with the connector API ?

You can control various functions of a thermostat and as well as get status.
-Get and set current setpoint(s)
-Get and set system mode (Heat, Cool, Auto, Off)

Similarly for a light bulb you can
-Get and set powered status and brightness
-Get and set hue, saturation and kelvin levels

How does the whole process work ?

-Your customers (e.g. a homeowner/device user) use our web based Connector tool to connect their devices to our platform.You can link this tool to your customer facing website or mobile app.
-Once their devices are connected to our platform, you can start using our API to access those devices.

Step 1: Register for an account and a key

If you already have an account and a key, Great ! If not, go register and then request for an API key. We will then send you a key along with a secret.

Step 2: Create a JWT (JSON Web Token) using the key and the secret.
To find out more about JWT, visit

The API key should be put as the [kid] header in the JWT and the JWT must be signed with the shared secret. This security process makes sure only authorized users are able to access our platform and, more importantly, the devices connected to our platform.

Step 3: Now have your customers connect their devices to our platform via our Connector tool.

Here is the URL:[The homeowner’s unique Id in your system]&accesstoken=[Your JWT]

Step 4: Access your customer devices via our API. Please check out the API documentation to know more.

Any call to the API must have your JWT in the header using the Authorization and bearer scheme